My name is Sean Stidd and I teach philosophy full-time, which is a pretty wonderful thing to get to do. This is a philosophy blog I started along with a class on Wittgenstein in Fall of 2013. The name of the blog comes from a passage in Wittgenstein’s notebooks:

“Raisins may be the best part of a cake; but a bag of raisins is not better than a cake; and someone who is in a position to give us a bag full of raisins still can’t bake a cake with them, let alone do something better. I am thinking of Kraus and his aphorisms, but of myself too and my philosophical remarks.

“A cake – that isn’t as it were: thinned-out raisins.”

All of the early posts deal primarily with Wittgenstein’s philosophy. Other thinkers are now beginning to make more frequent appearances.

Various subjects are discussed here. Early favorite areas seem to be metaphilosophy and philosophy of religion, but we have done some philosophy of mind and metaphysics as well, and I’m sure we’ll range into new areas as time goes on.

I hope you find something interesting here to read! I’m very open to discussing anything that comes up in the posts.

P.S. I’m also open to collaborating with other academics who know how to publish. I can’t help with that at all, but I’m happy to work together on papers if you have similar enthusiasms and some notion of how to get an academic audience for our work – conferences, journals, that sort of thing.


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